Come to visit Corralco in the heart of Andes mountains, in the Araucanía Region. It´s characterized by the diversity of activities that you can do, and for fans of skiing has fields for all levels, in a natural environment that will surprise you.

Ski Trails open: 0 28
Lifts open: 0 6
  • Skiable Area: 1.800 ha / 4.448 acre
  • Summit: 2.400 mts / 7.874 ft
  • Base: 1.540 mts / 5.052 ft
  • Nearest Airport: Temuco
  • Distance: 150 kms / 93 mi

Hotels in Corralco

Corralco is part of the Malalcahuello National Reserve  - Nalcas, in the Araucanía region of southern Chile. Between ancient araucarias, volcanic soil and a couple of quilas, Corralco presents a prehistoric and almost apocalyptic landscape, with a breathtaking view of the volcano Lonquimay to crown the landscape. This "small' ski resort has 26 tracks, 2 ski lifts with seating and 4 ski lifts without. It may seem small but the truth is that Corralco is a spectacle for skiing, thanks to its easy access to backcountry skiing and almost within reach of the cable car.

On average, Corralco receives about 7 meters of snow per year, slightly more than the average in Chile. As for the tracks the center has 38% of its ski area for beginners, 15% for intermediate, 23% for advanced and 23% for experts. These figures do not consider the sidecountry to which you have access from the ski lifts. If we consider it, backcountry skiing would take at least a good 40% of the ski area in the center. Wonderful.