How to get there?

To get to Corralco we have 2 options: by land or by air. If you come by land, you should take Route 5 South to Victoria. Continue towards Lonquimay; After Malalcahuello is the crossing La Paloma, we go towards Corralco. During the next 8 kilometers you can see the araucarias at the edge of the way, as well as a few tourist hut complexes with several offers. At the end of the main path is the hotel, further on you will enter the path to the base of the ski resort.

Consider: it's 718 kilometers (440 miles) from Santiago, about 9 hours of driving.

There is a daily bus from TurBus, leaves at 10:00 pm from Santiago and passes around 7:00 am at La Paloma intersection.

If you prefer to fly, there are 4 daily flights operated by Lan Express and Sky Airlines; The route is Santiago - Temuco and lasts about 1 hour. If you stay at the hotel, you can coordinate directly with them to be picked up at the airport, but you must do so in advance. If you cannot do this, check