Trails (0 / 28)

  • AÁguilas
  • BÁguilas Bajo
  • BBandurrias
  • ICarpinteros
  • XCarpinteros Alto
  • BChichimoyes
  • AChingues
  • XCóndor Este
  • XCóndor Oeste
  • BEl Zorro con Botas
  • XGüiñas
  • AGüiñas Alto
  • BGüiñas Bajo
  • AHalcones
  • AJotes
  • BLiebres Este
  • BLiebres Oeste
  • BMirador Navidad
  • BNueva Bandurria
  • BPudúes
  • XPumas Este
  • XPumas Oeste
  • XPumitas
  • XTunducos Este
  • XTunducos Oeste
  • IZorritos
  • AZorros
  • BZorros Bajo

Lifts (0 / 6)

  • Cumbre
  • El Cruce
  • El Jardín
  • El Volcán
  • La Cornisa
  • Navidad

Trails Information

In 2014 Corralco inaugurated the new Cumbre cable car and currently has 2 lifts with seating and 4 surface drag lifts, which together cover 200 hectares of skiable terrain. The summit is 2400 meters above sea level, at the top of the summit.

The base of the ski resort is in a kind of plain and immediately above the line of the trees. The area is ideal for beginners because the track is long, wide and organized, allowing you to practice calmly and, hopefully, with no collisions. Here we have the cable car El Jardín, ideal for children. To the left of El Jardín we have the La Cornice chair, a very slow chair that provides access to the middle of the mountain (basically you will need it). In addition, this chair allows you to access beginner terrain for all ages; The track Liebres (east or west) is green and wide, which will allow you to practice the turns until you can master them perfectly. Then you go up in the chair again and then you will be gratfull for its lack of speed.

Thanks to La Cornisa we will be able to reach half the mountain and we will meet El Cruce, a small cable car that allows access to the blue tracks (don't get excited, there are only 4 tracks for intermediate levels throughout the central part) and quite short . The good news is after you master Tunducos, the trailing side lane, you can use El Volcán chair (to the right of El Cruce) and get a little higher. If you are dead tired of so much practice, you will be happy to know that at the base of the two cable cars is Cafetería 1600, with enough to continue: snacks, bath and we leave!

One could say that the El Volcán chair is the main one at the ski resort; It is located at base 1600 and provides access to most cable car tracks and it also serves as a connection point with others. Here we already find intermediate, advanced and specialist ground; In addition this season the park was built under the line of ski lifts. Corralco does not stand out because of its snowpark, its maintenance is poor, it is kept mainly at weekends and is not very well built, but it allows you to enjoy yourself if you have certain precautions, like not going too fast, etc. In any case, visiting Corralco for its snowpark is like going to the mall for its parking: It exists, but that's not why you go there. You go to Corralco for the backcountry.

Following El Volcán and its surroundings, we have access to East and West Pumas, two rather amusing but short black tracks, in addition to being connected to a green one towards the base of the cable car.

If you are an intermediate skier, thanks to El Volcán you can access the slightly wider blue tracks (Carpinteros), progressing quickly with the red one, Zorros. Ideal for when you already feel confident in Carpinteros. Below, both tracks connect with green terrain. To the right of the chair, we have Pumitas, a black track, and two red tracks: Chingues and Águilas, fun to continue the progression of the sport.

Further to the right, we will find the Navidad cable car, which gives us access to mostly green lanes. Here we can see the "back" of Navidad crater, a subsidiary of the Lonquimay volcano (the last eruption of the volcano was in 1988, but it didn't occur through the main crater of the volcano but by a side creating this new crater called Navidad (Christmas), because the eruption happened on that date).

Above El Volcán is the newly opened Cumbre, drag lift whose coverage is sidecountry, black and red tracks. The fun thing about this drag lift is that it leaves you 500 meters away from the summit of the volcano, in addition it gives you access to the sidecountry of the volcano. From here you can either go to the top or definitely step aside to the sides. Anyway, the payoff will be good. The view from the top of the cable car is spectacular. You can see about 5 more volcanoes; and in the background, in front and not far away is the "Sierra Nevada", a volcano (extinct), which is outside the ski resort, but it's ideal for a cross-day excursion.

Due to the location of the ski resort, most of the tracks look south and southeast, which allows conditions to be generally very good. There is always enough snow and few people walking down the mountain.

It is always important to remember that access to the sidecountry and backcountry is the sole responsibility of the person accessing. Always remember to go with a friend, always be in visual contact and bring rescue equipment for avalanches. It's an avalanche-prone area, take the proper precautions.