How to get there?

Portillo is located 164 kilometers from Santiago (2 hours) and only 3 kilometers from the border with Argentina. From Santiago we take Route 57 in the direction of the Los Libertadores highway. A little before the Andes there is a bypass for Route 60 that links the Andes with Argentina, almost at the border is Portillo. Coming from Santiago does not look very well, so if you arrive at the border complex ... you'll have to turn around.

If your accommodation is the ski week of Portillo, most packages include transfers and you can coordinate directly with the hotel in case you would like to go to some vineyard or shopping in Santiago. If you are going for the day, the Skitotal Company offers a round trip transfer service but only does it on Wednesdays and Saturdays (day of passenger change). Another alternative is to take a bus to Mendoza and get off at the entrance of the center. There are several bus alternatives that allow this stop, I personally know that TurBus does and the company CHI-AR as well. These buses depart from the Bus Terminal of Santiago, and safe there you can find other alternatives.

It is obligatory the carry of chains, and if the weather is very bad you will be stopped in Guardia Vieja; There is a checkpoint of Carabineros and it is they who decide whether the road opens or not. In case of being closed, I suggest contacting the hotel directly.
Activities and special weeks (include 2015 dates when available) (I put it in a bag, activities)

Portillo offers plenty of activities for both skiers and those who prefer to stay inside the hotel. In its facilities it has a movie theater, spa, yoga classes, gym, multi-channel, beauty salon, games room and clinic among others.

Of the activities scheduled every week is the Sol de Portillo race that takes place on Thursdays. On Friday nights the torch is lowered, an activity performed by the instructors of the center but guests are also welcome to participate and should approach the ski school to register. The descent is by the track Plateau.

Apart from the weekly activities, Portillo offers 4 themed weeks during the season, some of them are repeated.


The Family Week is designed so that parents can rest and ski while the kids have an incredible time with organized activities throughout the day. The entertainment team organizes activities for children, young people and adults separately, as well as activities that unite them all. Among the activities that stand out there are children's entertainment, magician, tubing, karaoke, dance classes, fashion shows, wine tastings, etc. This event is repeated during the season.

This season was the VII version of the Wine Week, where well-known vineyards make tastings of national wines. What is entertaining is that each vineyard takes its oenologist and every day a new vineyard is presented, which allows learning from the best source about Chilean wines. This is one of the most quoted weeks of the season so it is recommended to make reservations in advance. One of the most beautiful themed weeks is the Week of Friends, where the center invites you and your friends to spend an unforgettable week of skiing and relaxation. This week, the interaction between hotel guests is promoted and Portillo organizes a variety of activities throughout the week. It is well known that the passengers of Portillo are wine fanatics, and that is why apart from the Wine Week they also offer the Wine Fest where invited vineyards participate and there are exhibitions and tastings with the best winemakers in the country. At the end of each exhibition, rounds of questions are made and the vines give prizes to those who respond correctly.