Come to Portillo, in the midst of the Andes mountains 150 kilometers south of Santiago. It has restaurants and accommodation so that you can enjoy a few days of skiing with your family and friends.

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Hotels in Portillo

Portillo is undoubtedly the favorite place for Americans to ski in Chile. The place is wonderful, the slopes are great, and the off-track better and the service is of international quality.

The history of Portillo dates back to the construction of the railroad between Chile and Argentina, inaugurated in 1910. For this, they brought European experts, who due to the difficulty of the terrain they moved a lot on skis and used the same train as a lift.  Then for 1930 the concept of ski center is created. A group of European ski instructors arrived in Chile and stayed at "Hotel Portillo" (which was no more than a cabin where both passengers and staff were staying).