How to get there?

To reach Farellones you should take path G21 (road to Farellones) to the junction with the road to Valle Nevado. Here you should turn left to enter Farellones. Following the main road you will cross the whole village (it sounds longer than it really is), at the end of the village we continue until the intersection to La Parva (left) or El Colorado (right). From here to the top we will find several parking lots. Usually the ones that are higher fill up faster because they are widely used by both resort staff and by owners who arrive early in the morning.

Usually the road is in poor condition, the G21 route is constantly in works that are never good enough for the conditions of the place, so it is normal to find large holes in the pavement. It is a narrow winding road (40 to Farellones); If we add snow and ice, the result is a dangerous route, and to further increase the risk level of the road, we must add to this mixture drivers who cannot drive on a mountain, which generate accidents or arguments. There's always a guy who stops in the middle of the path (blocking up and down) to put chains on his tires. If it's the first time you climb into the snow, I recommend that you study the road and weather conditions well. If you think you can't do this, I recommend you take a bus that will leave you at the Parador. El Colorado offers its own bus transfers, from the Omnium building in Las Condes. Although they are not the only ones coming to Colorado, they are the most economical. Right there at Omnium you can check the price offers of different companies. In addition here you can avail to lease equipment if you don't have your own, so you arrive at the top and go straight to skiing.